The Branch

Formed on 7th October 1995, Aylesford and Malling as one of the younger branches of The Royal Air Forces Association and has a combined membership of 66 Members and Associate Members.

Over 24 years, an active programme of fund-raising events has meant that the branch has now contributed a cumulative total of  £168,383 to Wings Appeal, as well as providing welfare support to ex-Royal Air Force personnel in the local community. RAFA National President Air Marshal Sir Dusty Miller was guest of honour at a celebratory dinner in October 2014.
Each year from 2001- 2007, the branch raised more than £10,000 for Wings Appeal and has been awarded seven  RAFA Central Council £10,000 Certificates for its achievements. For all of those years our Wings Appeal Organiser was Sylvia Bonner. She was awarded an Area Presidential Certificate to coincide with the 2007 New Year Honours List for her devoted and outstanding service to the Association.

In 2007 the Branch was awarded a Certificate for raising a cumulative amount of £100,000 for Wings Appeal.

AIR Mail Jan-Mar 2008
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In 2008 Area Presidential Certificates were awarded to Standard Bearer and Hon Welfare Officer Malcolm Bennett and Vice-chairman Margaret Burton for their services to the Branch.

Area Presidential Certificates were awarded to  Pauline Bates in 2010 and to Marie Bennett in 2011 for their services to the Branch.  

National Presidential Certificates were presented to Chairman Ted Bates at the 2013 Annual Conference and to Hon Welfare Officer Malcolm Bennett at the 2015 Annual Conference, both by National President Air Marshal Sir Dusty Miller.

Wings Appeal Organiser Ray Chopping received an Area Presidential Certificate at South East & Eastern Area Conference in March 2014.  Graham Grice  took on role of WAO 2019 AGM..

In 2014 the Branch was awarded a Certificate for raising a cumulative amount of £150,000 for Wings Appeal.

Members enjoy a lively calendar of entertainment following monthly branch meetings . We do however need volunteers to take on committee roles.