Links – General Aviation

The following sites are general sites for aviation enthusiasts, which may be of interest to members. Please note that this should NOT be taken as an endorsement of any products or services offered on these sites.

Defence Image Database
Ministry of Defence Image Database  

List of Active UK Military Aircraft Types

Wikipedia list of current active military aircraft types in the UK

UK Aircraft Serial Numbers

List of aircraft serial numbers, showing aircraft type and other details if known, along with link to images if available.

British Air Show
A guide to British Air Show, with calendars and photos

Air Shows Review
Site providing information about airshows: both in the UK and overseas  

The Old Flying Machine Company
Website of the vintage aircraft display company formed by the late Ray and Mark Hannah

Live real-time flight tracking and mapping information, 

Military Air Shows
A guide to UK military Air Shows

F-35 Lightning II
Information about Lightning II

BAE Tempest

Information about the British Aerospace Tempest – future combat aircraft

Eurofighter Typhoon
Information about Typhoon